The decision to homeschool is one that is a personal decision and journey.  Many families that consider this choice don’t go into this lightheartedly. This is not about the quality of education that a child receives (although that may be one of the reasons to consider homeschooling), it is often having to choose what is in the best interest of the child and what kind of future you as a parent want for your child/ren.

Our decision came when we found out that our super smart then 12 year old, was enduring yet another year of bullying. I will never forget the day when she said, “please mom do I HAVE to go to school, I don’t fit in. All they do is tease me about the way I dress and the things I like.” As a mother if that doesn’t just break your heart, I don’t know will.

Now let me tell you about my beautiful daughter. She is like normal kids, except she was raised in a Christian home. She doesn’t dress provocatively, doesn’t listen to pop music, doesn’t do things just because other people are doing them. She is an artist, fashionista, has a college reading level, loves instrumental music and would rather be playing strategy video games than look for a boyfriend. She is a great kid to have. So knowing this about my child and her begging me not to go to school that day, how could I not feel for her.

Our decision was pretty much made once we started doing some research into homeschooling. What we weren’t sure of was do we pull both children or leave our son in the first grade. The catalyst came when in talking with our son’s teacher about his love for math. We asked her to challenge him a bit as he just gets it. She told us that he would have to stay on task with other kids in the class. So that meant even though he knew what he was doing he had to endure learning it all over again. I quickly saw where that could lead. Here we have a kid excited to go to school because he could do math (no joke) and the teacher was holding him back. Why? Why would a teacher ignore a gift that child has to hold them back with others who can’t get it? The last thing I wanted was a child who loved school and wanted to learn to get turned off by it and it turn into goofing off and disliking school altogether.


Now that we have gotten past that first year I am soo excited to help you begin your journey! I have been putting together many resources for you so that you can get started on your path of homeschooling.

Good Luck and God Bless! In Christ ~Jen


Homeschooling Q & A

Homeschooling Laws by State Map

Homeschooling Do’s and Don’ts (coming soon)

Printables (coming soon)

Homeschooling State Laws


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