In Memory of Albert Einstein


Meet Albert Einstein

Albert was born in late summer/early Fall of 2010 and rescued from the local Petco. At the pet store, he was considerably smaller than any of the other guinea pigs they had, and the decision was down between two piggies, the gray one or the white one. I held both of them and the grey one was just a bit snugglier than the other one. I decided on the grey one, named him Albert Einstein right there on the spot. I proceeded to buy everything a guinea pig would need which looked like the picture below and some more stuff. download

I brought Albert home and he was so little I could hold him in both hands and still hide him, which was great because I still had to tell my husband about adopting a new pet. Of course my hubby was none to happy with me, but I pulled the “But just look at him” trick and knew it would be all over after that. I was right! We all fell in love with our newest family member. I proceeded to read everything I could about guinea pigs which brought me to Guinea Pig Cages and Guinea Lynx which lead me to run out and buying all the new stuff for Albert’s new home. It was amazing and big and he just wheeked all the time. I soon discovered that it wasn’t good to just have a single pig by themselves, so I ran back to that Petco and saw the other pig I had been deciding on the first time. He was considerably bigger and all white, but I knew he was the one to come home with.


Meet Nikola Tesla

Because they had been litter mates, there was no reason to keep them separated for long and they instantly recognized each other. They were brothers after all and should be with each other.


They are certainly spoiled and get plenty of leafy greens, carrots, and the occasional strawberry tops. They are constantly running around and wheeking and being silly, but even I could notice that they were getting older. Albert especially was more loving to pets and snuggles and just wanted to be with us more.

This morning, June 5th, 2016, we found Albert had passed some time in the night. I gave him some strawberry tops on Saturday and he wheeked at me and that is what I remember of him, happy to see me, popcorning (if only a little) as I came towards their cage. When I saw him this morning there was just no way it could have been true. He is buried now, kids are upset and the littlest one just doesn’t understand why he is gone, neither do I.

I know that to some, guinea pigs are pets, but to me, they are my babies too, my furbabies.


In Memory of Albert Einstein b. 2010- June 5, 2016

God puts people and animals, in our lives to make it better, to share the love with others. In being Albert’s Mom, he has shown me that even in small packages can there be love, spunkiness and lots of personality. I will miss him dearly and I know that God is keeping him safe until that day we meet again.


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