Bellabeat Leaf Reviewed

Do you have those days when all you do is go? Do you ever wish you had just 5 minutes to yourself? What would you do with that me time?

If you are anything like me, you typically put everyone else first and you come in dead last. IF you are like me then you know at the end of a long day your muscles are sore and tired, your feet hurt and you long for you time. As you drift off asleep, you promise yourself tomorrow you will.



How many of us actually make “me” time a reality?

Two years ago, I really tried hard. I begged my husband for a Samsung fitness watch, figuring it would help to remind me to take some time for me.

Here is the thing I have learned over the last 2 years. If I do not eat healthy, sleep well, get plenty of water and take time for myself, I am a BEAR. No one in my house wants to be around me. However, I can eat healthy, get my sleep and get plenty of water but I will still coast till I explode. It is because I lack love into myself. Let’s be honest here, who has time to take for themselves. After all, there is homeschooling, cleaning, activities and whatever else I cram into my day.

I decided two months ago to really get on board with taking care of myself. I quit the awful paper job you can find that story here, I started going to the gym regularly, eating right and taking time out of my day (intentionally) just for me. Guess what? It worked, my stress levels were down, my shoulders were relaxed and those around me really noticed a difference.

What is my secret you ask? I stumbled across a new fitness tracker that did what 4 apps on my phone did in one… 1 app! The fitness tracker is made by a company called Bellabeat. The tracker itself is called the LEAF. It is a beautiful tracker that not only is helpful but a piece of art and jewelry.



It is made specifically for women. It is revolutionary in that it tracks your activity, steps, sleep, menstruation, and mindfulness. Read their Mission Statement here

Empower your life.

The health-tracking technology connects your body and mind, allowing you to reach your full potential. Track your daily activity, sleep, mindfulness and menstrual cycles. With the LEAF, important and essential information about your health is always available.

Who doesn’t get excited by just that statement alone?  Check out the app below, it is simple and easy to use and I have noticed that my LEAF has gotten smarter to my habits.



How cool is that? It currently is integrated with Google Fit which works with a number of other fitness apps out on the market. Right now when you check out they are giving you a 10% discount for signing up with your email off your purchase. Did I mention that these trackers start at just $119???

Here is what I love about my LEAF; it keeps track of my sleep and my periods. That is great since having my last mini my lovely monthly is all over the place. I like knowing what kind of sleep I have had too. Sometimes I think I slept great but then looking at my deep sleep versus light sleep, I can totally see why I am dragging the next day. I like that it is tracking all my activity. While I can run around the house cleaning my awesome Samsung Gear 2 3g watch doesn’t pick up the fact that I just spent 3 hours cleaning my house, playing outside with the kids or mowing the lawn.

I like being able to open my app on my smartphone and it sees all the activity I have done for the day (Hey, I like to feel accomplished). The other pro about this fitness tracker is that when I am wearing it (which is 99% of the time) it reminds me in a way that my Samsung watch doesn’t, to sit down and meditate, if even for five minutes. Lastly, I love how it has reminders for my vitamins and the alarms to get up in the morning. It doesn’t wake my husband up and the alarm is strong but discreet.

What I don’t like about it, is that it isn’t integrated with a whole lot of apps (yet)! I like keeping track of my food intake daily. The other is that I wish it was a bit more waterproof. Every time I am wearing it on my wrist and wash my hands, I worry I will get it wet and break it. Bellabeat says that it is splashproof, but whose definition are we using here?

Anyways, I love that it empowers women to take time out for themselves, a simple piece of jewelry helps us ladies, to keep our lives a bit more in balance. That is all I want at the end of the day, balance.

Bella Leaf Boutique provides a beautiful and natural option to accessorize your Bellabeat Leaf. My goal is to create bracelets and necklaces that help balance, heal, and bring peace while looking gorgeous. It is my hope that love, joy and peace go with every bracelet. This isn’t just a fitness journey, it is a woman’s journey into the best that she can be today, tomorrow and forever. ~ With Love, Jen

*****Update – June 16, 2016*****

I am so in love with my Bellabeat Leaf. I love how it tracks my entire life. We have spent a good chunk of the last month working on the yard in the hot heat and humid temperatures. Here is what I can tell you. Not only did my Leaf stand up to the heat and humidity but it stood up to me sweating like crazy, dirt and mud (although not intentionally).

It has tracked my sleeping habits like it watched me fall asleep and wake up. It even tracked the moments I walked around in the middle of the night being up with the littlest one in our house. All of this counts by the way towards my hour and a half of activity goal I set for myself every day. 
When it was time for my monthly cycle, it was spot on as to when I would get it and when it would end. The meditation section of the app has a visual program to focus on meditating even when having period cramps. I thought that was nice and helpful to feeling better. 
The meditation portion of the app has completely helped me with my meditation practice and I use it at least 3 times a day.  Another thing that I love about the Leaf is the reminders. To be completely honest I have had a hard time remembering what all of them were for as I have one for getting up (easy), take vitamins (kinda difficult as it sometimes coincided with the activity reminder), eat lunch – I can’t be the only person who needs this reminder, and getting ready for bed. There is an activity reminder that goes off if I have been sitting for more than an hour which gets me up and moving again. 
I have received so many compliments on how it looks and the different ways I have worn it. I get a ton of questions about the Leaf. I love sharing what it does and how it has helped me, hopefully it has helped someone else too. 
**Disclaimer: All opinions in this article are mine alone. My review was not paid for and I received nothing by giving my honest feedback. 


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