I am mad.

I am mad. I am mad at this country and some of its citizens. Let me explain.

I saw a news article tonight about a woman confronting a man at Walmart for using food stamps.



The people who decided to put their 2 cents in said mostly nice things, citing that we didn’t know the situation of this particular family and what they are going through. Then there were the hateful people (probably trolling because it’s fun???) saying that if they can’t afford food, then they shouldn’t have kids.

How awful a thing to say about someone. Many defended this unknown person but there were others that stood up to this comment.

How can anyone know the future? They based what the guy was wearing, where he was shopping as a means to attack him, stating he was probably doing drugs, or drinking or cigarettes.

Since when did we get so hateful? To judge a person based on a t-shirt. Shouldn’t we be proud in the fact that the parents are doing their best to provide for the kid in the first place. The video shows 1 child, ONE not 15 not even 3.

I have used food stamps, housing assistance, and Medicaid at one point in time or another. We (my family and I) are blessed to not be in need of those services at this time, but what happens if my husband gets hurt? My husband is the main provider for our family. We made the choice to homeschool our children. We live on a budget and work our hardest to save and get out of school loan debt as well as the small debt we have with our house.

I can guarantee that any of the times my family needed government assistance it was used for the time that it was needed.

Sure there are people who take advantage of the system, but why should any person who is using the benefits regardless of why or how it came to be, be publically judged and put down so that another person can seem to be superior to another?

We are all an accident, health issue or job loss away from needing this type of assistance. If you sit there saying NO I would never need it, then I pray for you. You have NO IDEA of what tomorrow brings. If you are prepared for the job loss and have money tucked away how do you know you will find work? What happens if you, spouse or child gets sick? I know there are few that are that prepared for hospital bills.

It maddens me to see people thinking others are so superior to another. Why don’t we stop, pray for those we know are worrying about food or bills and think about what it might be like to be in their shoes if only for a day.

But when they persisted in asking Him, He straightened up, and said to them, “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” John 8:7

Tonight I ask that you pray for someone who may be in need. If you know someone who is in need a food or going through a tough situation, make them a meal, purchase them a gift card to the store or go shopping with them. Help, do something BUT don’t criticize.

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  1. Scott Gibboney says:

    God forbid the well to do not fall on hard times … Most likely they would be in for the shock of their lives. An unforeseen illness, termites can destroy almost overnight, a significant car accident, or even diving incident ….Be ready for something will have your number in the lottery of life … and it need not be kind.

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