A New Direction

Just Write Already

For a long time I have wanted to write and just pour myself into this blog.  However, I felt like anything I would want to write about other bloggers were already doing it better and more awesome than me.  I have spent many months just bottling up what I had to say and figured that the feeling to write would go away.  I would talk to the Hubby about it and he would say well “just write already”.  It wasn’t just that easy for me.  What if no one read my content? What if what I wanted to write about was dumb? What is my Niche? What makes me passionate? So many questions to think about.

Something New

I decided as I ended my paper job, about the direction I wanted to move my writing from and where I wanted to go.

So here we are here Dear Reader. There will be more content about the things I am passionate about, Faith, Family, crafty stuff, fitness and homeschooling. This in no way means that I am leaving my Christian roots behind. I want to let my passion out and talk about all the things that come to my mind whether it is God, Marriage, crafty stuff or my latest favorite recipe. i want to share all my passions with you.

Happy Reading!

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